[New Mixtape] Dukus – Alpha

20 June 2016  -  4:50 pm

Dukus has released ‘Alpha‘ featuring brand new original music. He dropped the video for No Favours featuring Yung Reeks on Grm Daily along with the project, aswell as dropping videos for Pinot Grigio & Stay Busy earlier in the year, Dukus wanted showcase his production so he’s taken care of the music on the whole project with the assistance of K-Nite 13 on Bowser’s Castle who also features on vocals. Stand out tracks include Difference which has an alternative feel as well as Do It Like This where Dukus give us a 140bpm wave. The overall vibe we get that Dukus loves the piano more than anything, download the project from Hood Tapes right now



[New Video] @YungReeks – Came From Nothing (Prod. by @Duku5)

6 March 2016  -  1:47 pm

Yung Reeks, Mr Workate himself gives us the visual for the Dukus produced banger Came From Nothing banger as he drops his Ambition 2 mixtape on the same day. Press Play‘s Danny Streetz takes care of the visual, you can check out the video on Link Up TV below! Ambition 2 features verses from Bully & Tuggzy as well as production from Notes & Dukus, we get a solid balance of covers & original tracks to keep us going until Yung Reeks decides he’s ready to deliver even more music later on this year.

You can also listen to Ambition 2 below also:


[New Video] Yung Reeks – Pray 4 It

6 February 2016  -  9:21 pm

Yung Reeks has dropped Pray 4 It, from his Ambition 2 project, check out the visual, as you know Yung Reeks has been busy lately, giving us Blood on the Money on his soundcloud Check out the video on Link Up TV below:


[New Video] Dukus – Stay Busy

5 February 2016  -  1:47 pm

Link Up TV have released the video for Dukus‘s latest track Stay Busy, also produced by Dukus, one of my favourite tracks off the new project he plans to release this year. As you know, he uses the piano for most of his productions, here we get a different vibe compared to Pinot Grigio which he released not long. Press Play Ent. directed the video, what you get is a refreshing taste of what’s to come later on this year. Check it out below



[New Video] Dukus – Pinot Grigio

15 January 2016  -  11:21 pm

Here’s the visual for Pinot Grigio which features my own production, I’ll be dropping a project soon full of my own original material which is all self-produced. Expect more tracks & visuals in the coming months! Check out the video below:

[New Video] Mike Zombie – Autograph

18 December 2015  -  5:50 pm

Mike Zombie just hit us up with the video for ‘Autograph‘ taken from his ‘Fly On The Wall‘ EP. Mike hit up London with Hollow Da Don, so it was only right he hit the streets of London for some visuals. Check out the video below!


[New Video] Yung Reeks – MAAD (Prod. by Mike Zombie)

18 December 2015  -  12:11 pm

Yung Reeks has had a solid run of mixtapes & videos in 2015, he’s dropped 4 mixtapes & 20+ videos & he still plans on finishing the year strong by dropping his new single MAAD, a ridiculous banger produced by OVO producer Mike Zombie. What we get is a combination of pure super-hero strength mixed with an atomic bomb. Yung Reeks is in form right now and his fans wouldn’t expect any less, check out the video below!


[New Music] Sus Bully – Soul Of Independence EP

15 December 2015  -  1:34 pm

Sus Bully has dropped his Soul Of Independence EP, featuring production from BlackKeys, DJ Agent M, Akira & Dukus. What you get is a solid ode to that real authentic hip hop which doesn’t feel like a throwback but something more refreshing with the current climate of rap.

Have a listen to the project below!

[New Mixtape] Yung Reeks – Fulltimer

24 September 2015  -  11:58 pm

After dropping 3 mixtapes in 9 months, including 22 videos, Yung Reeks, decides to release Fulltimer, another mixtape to showcase the year of hard work he’s put out since he’s touched the roads. GRM Daily have premiered the mixtape on their Soundcloud page, check it out below.

[New Mixtape] Yung Reeks – Autopilot

31 July 2015  -  12:15 am

Yung Reeks has finally dropped Autopilot, which features 16 new tracks to refresh your memory on why he’s the most hardworking guy out there on the scene right now. On production you have Wildboyace, Corlean Jones, Dukus & many more, while Yung Reeks handles most of the project vocally himself, the only features really are Fulltimerz members Floss & Bully on No Way. We get a sense Reeks is doing more than rapping over tracks, he’s evolving as an artist showing you his ambition to make solid music. Tracks to look out for: Departure, You Should See & Blame Me, stream the project below & you can also download Autopilot on the homepage.