{Music News} Dizzee Rascal Rants About BBC Radio 1

6 November 2013  -  12:05 pm

Dizzee Rascal took to his twitter last night to give his views on BBC Radio 1 and shed some light on his frustration at the radio station’s double standards & treatment of US artists compared to UK artists.

He went on to say “Im Tired of Two Faced Pricks..”

“I’m tired of putting up with these 2 faced pricks at Radio 1! If anyone’s got a problem let me know. All this nice guy s**t’s dead!”

Speaking about the Live Lounge, where artists are asked to perform a cover version, he said: “F**k Live Lounge! If I gotta keep fighting to get my s**t played why bother doing someone else’s song so you can sell it on ur s**tty comp!”

With more urban acts getting dropped and the pressure to do well locally aswell as having to dilute the music these artists are known for firstly coming out with, its no wonder Dizzee has spoken up about this

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