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[New Playlist] Dukus – London Spotify Playlist

25 March 2018  -  7:17 pm

I thought it would be good to make a playlist of music I listen to where the artists are homegrown. Considering I work in production & mixing, I think it’s always good to get inspiration & listen to references always. Here you can find tracks from Dave & Mostack, Giggs, Chip, Yung Reeks, Hardy Caprio, Yxng Bane, SmerkerJ-Hus & Many more.

Check out the playlist below & follow me for more playlists & music.

[New Music] Dukus – Look Inside

24 March 2018  -  5:59 pm

Dukus last week was making a beat on his Insta story, and filmed the whole process from start to finish including vocals. The result is this catchy easy to follow banger called Look Inside. Check out the song below on Spotify which is also available on all digital platforms. Dukus plans to release a project in the near future & is putting out some amazing content on his Instagram, make sure you follow for more updates.

iTunes link:

[New Video] Rapman – Fire In The Booth Pt 1

9 March 2018  -  2:06 pm

Rapman went over to the BBC Radio 1 studios to shell down his Fire In The Booth for Charlie Sloth. All music was produced by Dukus & you can hear the pain in his bars is something different.

Check out the video below.

[New Video] Sus Bully – My Life

9 March 2018  -  1:53 pm

Sus Bully has dropped his Lucid Dream EP, and with that he’s been consistent with visuals. Here’s his trippy video for My Life, with Dukus on production. Cool direction by Lewi London on the visuals.

You can check out the project here & also check out the video below also.


[New Video] Jeorgia – Think Of You

9 March 2018  -  1:43 pm

Jeorgia has dropped this soulful song on SBTV, love the vocals on Think Of You & Dukus is on the keys for this one. Check out the video below.


[New Video] Terroll Lewis – Jobless

9 March 2018  -  1:31 pm

Terroll Lewis decided to give us a new track & video for Jobless, directed by Frost & produced by Dukus. Mr Block Workout decided to put all the haters to rest with this ballad. Check out the video below!


[New Video] Roadside G’s – Jumanji

9 March 2018  -  1:21 pm

Roadside G’s drop Jumanji, featuring the vocals of Smiley & Phantom. Once again Dukus blessed them with another fire production & gets them spitting on Grime. Check out the video on Grm Daily below.



[New Video] Roadside G’s – U Ain’t Bad

9 March 2018  -  9:09 am

Dan Diggerz & Phantom of the ROADSIDE G’s have a brand new track U Aint Bad’ . This will feature on the highly anticipated Roadman Music project dropping on March 16th 2018. You can pre-order the project here

The Video was shot by Wowa & Production is handled by Dukus which is showing no signs of slowing down on the production front.

Check out the video below.


[New Video] Dukus – No Rules Feat. Smiley (RSGs)

2 July 2017  -  1:42 pm

Dukus teamed up with Smiley from Roadside G’s to bring you No Rules, a track from his upcoming project 88 Keys.

GRM Daily got together with several local artists to throw a fundraiser in light of the Greenfell Tower fire that happened not long ago, all proceeds will be going to helping those affected. Check out the video below!

[Blog] Georgia – BLOK9 x Funky DL – Spacehall Event

2 May 2017  -  11:51 pm

Ok, so 29th of April in Georgia, no not Atlanta, but Tbilisi (borders with Russia & Turkey). Funky DL asked me to come along with him to perform Rhymin’ 76 as he headlined BLOK 9′s event at Spacehall in Tbilisi. I also got asked to perform 2 songs off Alpha, the show had a packed crowd and DL and me were surprised at the turnout. Loads of people showed up and he killed it, if you know about DL’s catalogue then you know, the guy has classics for days, a lot of the people knew his lyrics and certain tracks like Scratching My Head had the crowd going crazy. DL gave me the co-sign before I  performed & the crowd fully got my music, I’m glad they got into it. It’s crazy how your music sounds on very loud speakers! Anyway, the promoter Otar looked after us good, showed us around the city and showed us about the cuisine, the food in this country is good, and people told me before about it being good, but you know you have to try it for yourself, the meat is good here for real! lol, anyway, we didn’t stay long in the country, after the club we had to jet out back to the airport. Job done, we shelled down the stage and gave them vibes, gotta come back here and stay for at least a week!