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[New Video] Yung Reeks – El Chapo (No Lies)

29 July 2015  -  10:04 pm

Yung Reeks drops the visual for El Chapo (No Lies) showing us the work rate levels, he recorded the song on the 24th of July & releases the video on the 29th of July & on the 31st of July will be releasing Autopilot, gives you an idea of how consistent Yung Reeks has been since he’s released September’s Round The Corner, Ambition & now Autopilot in the space of 9 months. Check out the video below!

[New Music] Yung Reeks – El Chapo (No Lies)

24 July 2015  -  4:50 pm

Yung Reeks released this new freestyle track ‘El Chapo‘ last night without warning! Not afraid to release material at a full time work rate, he’s given us more reasons to look forward to Autopilot which comes out later on July 31st. Have a listen to the new track below!