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[New Video] Roadside G’s – Jumanji

9 March 2018  -  1:21 pm

Roadside G’s drop Jumanji, featuring the vocals of Smiley & Phantom. Once again Dukus blessed them with another fire production & gets them spitting on Grime. Check out the video on Grm Daily below.



[New Video] Dukus – No Rules Feat. Smiley (RSGs)

2 July 2017  -  1:42 pm

Dukus teamed up with Smiley from Roadside G’s to bring you No Rules, a track from his upcoming project 88 Keys.

GRM Daily got together with several local artists to throw a fundraiser in light of the Greenfell Tower fire that happened not long ago, all proceeds will be going to helping those affected. Check out the video below!

[New Mixtape] Yung Reeks – Fulltimer

24 September 2015  -  11:58 pm

After dropping 3 mixtapes in 9 months, including 22 videos, Yung Reeks, decides to release Fulltimer, another mixtape to showcase the year of hard work he’s put out since he’s touched the roads. GRM Daily have premiered the mixtape on their Soundcloud page, check it out below.

{New Video} Mr Bigz – #Rated (GRM Daily)

11 April 2014  -  6:14 pm

Bigz has dropped his #Rated for GRM Daily for Episode 18 of the series and he doesn’t disappoint. Bigz has been on a healthy wave and with the release of M.F.U.S he’s established a revival of soulful music lacking on the scene. Production for his #Rated comes courtesy of Dukus who leaves it down to just melodic soundscapes on the piano and bass funk up the track with no beat. Have a listen below: